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DVD Production

DVDs are the fastest growing medium in the history of entertainment...
We offer a comprehensive marketing strategy when it comes to multi-media applications. Our custom DVD presentations are entertaining and easy to navigate, making a pleasureable presentation for your customers. Our DVDs can combine photographs, graphics, video, 3D models, documents, and audio. We can develop your DVD to be interactive or self-contained. Our presentations will auto run in a computer and are compatible across multiple platforms.

The list of features you can have on your DVD is limitless. For example, printable breeding contracts, pedigrees, maps and driving directions can be included. We also offer straight transfer of video to DVD.

Digital picture quality found on DVDs offer twice the quality found on standard VHS tapes...

We won't bore you with terms like "standard quantization levels" or "Bézier interpolation", but we will produce an engaging and intuitive DVD presentation tool for marketing your horse related business. These DVDs are great for showcasing your stallion, training facility, or breeding business at show venues.

GraphiCamotion is a full service digital video studio, specializing in the creation of DVDs, with the latest technology and tools available. We can, also, do VHS editing for you. We use state-of-the-art digital video non-linear editing software and hardware, and the highest-quality analog/digital video conversion equipment.

Featured Stallion

This Preview Presentation includes segments from Chocolua's DVD that have been reduced
in size and quality for internet delivery.

Chocolua is a Multiple Breed World Champion Sire! Chocolua is a 2-Time Reserve World Champion and 2-Time Congress Champion.
Contact Nancy Sensenbrenner for more details about this incredible stallion, or to request a more inclusive DVD.
Best viewed with high-speed internet.
If you have a slow connection, allow the videos to completely download before viewing for highest quality.

We can:

    • Clean, stabilize, and preserve old analog video
    • Convert VHS, S-VHS, VHS/C, 8mm, Hi8, video formats, mini-DV, or DVCAM
    • Produce NTSC, PAL and Widescreen outputs
    • Add professional studio "voice overs"
    • Incorporate Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
    • Add Royalty Free Music to reflect the mood
    • Or, add one-of-a- kind custom mixed music for an original arrangement
    • Prepare high quality, low file size video footage for export on the web
We can do corrective video editing such as adjusting the color, tones, shadows, and highlights, or remove unsightly elements like power lines, and fence posts from your video footage. We will not alter horse conformation.
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